darkrp rules

By joining the Gaming Gods DarkRP server, you are required to adhere to the rules listed below. Failure to read the rules is not an excuse, and punishment for breaking the rules below or attempting to find a loophole in the listed rules will be handed out accordingly.

It is recommended that you consult the rules below before asking the staff team if something is allowed or not. If you are having trouble finding a specific rule, you can hold CTRL + F to activate the search bar.
Generic Rules

  • 1.1 Discrimination: Discrimination of any kind, whether it be jokingly or not, is strongly forbidden.
  • 1.1A You may not kill someone using discrimination based upon their race, sexual orientation, sex, etc. Doing such will be considered a higher count of RDM, and is subject to an immediate ban.
  • 1.1B No Racism or discrimination on textscreens, prop building, in voice chat, text chat, or anywhere else.
  • 1.2. Disrespect: Disrespecting any of our players and/or staff members for any reason, under any circumstances is strongly forbidden.
  • 1.2A: All of our players, including staff members, are treatled equally and according to the rules. No specific group is given special priveleges.
  • 1.3. Spam/Advertising: Advertising any service, website, server, Discord, etc. is strictly forbidden. You will not be given any warnings, but instead instantly banned.
  • 1.4.: Mic spamming is forbidden unless you are a hobo.
  • 1.4A: To mute a player who is spamming, view the scoreboard and click the speaker icon.
  • 1.4B: Hobos may only mic spam with music. Any other form of mic spam will lead to a server-wide mute.
  • 1.5. Client-side Cheating: Using any form of service, software, mod(s), etc. that alters the gameplay and/or gives you or another player a higher advantage than another player is strictly forbidden. Our systems are designed to detect your cheats, no matter where you obtained them from. There is, as with anything, a slight chance that your cheats may go undetected. Please note that all clientside actions/commands/injections are logged.
  • 1.5A: Exploiting/Glitching of any kind is strictly forbidden. Our servers are designed to be as minimalistic with glitches and exploits as possible, however, it is not fully guaranteed that some glitches and exploits can slip by unnoticed. Should you find anything that needs to come to our attention, please submit a bug report immediately.
  • 1.5B: The Gaming Gods Administration reserves the right to capture players’ screens to prevent cheating and abuse.
  • 1.5C: If our anti-cheat automatically detects your cheats, you will be banned; no exceptions. Do not make the mistake of “trying out your cheats” or “accidently leaving them on”; we will not unban you.
  • 1.6. Scamming: Players may not scam one another.
  • 1.6A: An example of scamming another player would be if you are a gun dealer and take another player’s money without giving them the weapons that they gave you the money for.
  • 1.7. Prop Abuse: Players may not abuse props/entities (Propkill/Prop Surf/Prop Block/Prop Spam/Prop Push/Prop Minge).

  • 2.1. Random Death Match (RDM): RDMing is killing a player without any valid reason. This includes, but is not limited to: making excuses to kill a player, using small things that they do to kill them, etc. You must have a VALID reason to kill a player, such as them hurting you/a squad member, the player tries to arrest you/a party member, crossing a KOS line at a base that you own, etc.
  • 2.1A: The most common KOS reason you can have is owning a base with a KOS sign in front of said base. In order to kill a player interacting with your base, you must include specific reasons on your sign that allows you to kill them, and they must be clear to the player. These signs must be on your property and not on public property (the sidewalk).
  • 2.1AA: KOS signs must be at least text size 50.
  • 2.1AB: KOS signs must be in plain sight and may not be hidden or be used to trick players.
  • 2.1B) Reasons that can be included on the KOS sign may be: Loitering for more than 10 seconds, Guns out within base, Touching Keypads / Buttons, Micspamming within the base.
  • 2.1C: You are permitted to kill any player who lockpicks or keypad cracks your base without needing to warn them.
  • 2.1D: You are permitted to assassinate the Mayor if the average taxes (displayed on the City Board) are above 50%.
  • 2.2. Valid KOS Reasons:
  • 2.2A: A player crosses your KOS line at your base.
  • 2.2B: Being inside of your base.
  • 2.2C: Attempting to kill rob, mug, or arrest squad member.
  • 2.2D: Damaging you or a squad member. (They must hit you or your squad member, if they miss and you kill them, staff can not prove that, and you may be punished)
  • 2.2C: Lockpicking/Keypad Cracking a door.
  • 2.3. Invalid KOS Reasons:
  • 2.3A: A requested job is AFK (Notify a staff member, or vote-to-kick the player).
  • 2.3B: A player is stuck and cannot move (Ask a staff member for assistance, OR ask the player to suicide (by typing ‘kill’ in console) if no other viable option is present).
  • 2.3C: Being in a public area (Players may free-roam the map. You may not KOS someone for entering an area you deem inappropriate, unless it is an area that you own, AND, you have a VALID KOS line).
  • 2.3D: Killing a player based upon them taking damage.
  • 2.3E: Killing a player because of a prior grudge.
  • 2.3F: A player looks and/or follows you around the map.
  • 2.3G: And many more, if you have a question about a valid or an invalid KOS reason, please contact a staff member, and they will assist you.

2.4. New Life Rule (NLR): Breaking NLR constitutes as returning to the place of your death within or before five minutes of your death. This can also mean returning and/or interacting with the player that killed you. If you are found breaking this rule, it’ll be dealt with by a Verbal Warn, Warn or Ban for repeat offenders. Returning to the vicinity of your base to watch the raiders (even if you aren’t interacting with them) counts as breaking NLR — don’t do it.

Basing Rules

Premium Members get 60 props.
Emerald Members get 70 props.

  • 2.5: Base Building: Building your base is an important part of our server. Not only does it give you peace of mind as a place to keep your illegal goods, but it is also a place for you to make money. It’s important to balance out raiding by making it fair for players who try to raid you. This keeps the economy in check and adds a bit of a challenge to making money.
  • 2.5A: Blacklisted/prohibited bases:
  • 2.5 AA: Crouch bases.
  • 2.5 AB: Killbox bases.
  • 2.5 AC: Blackout/One-Way bases.
  • 2.5 ACA: One-Way props are allowed in your base, however you may not shoot through them.
  • 2.5 ACB: You must shoot through props that players on both sides of the prop (raiders and defenders) can see through.
  • 2.5 AD: Maze/Parkour bases.
  • 2.5 AE: Basing inside of spawn.
  • 2.5 AF: Floating bases.
  • 2.5 AG: Building in the street.
  • 2.5 AGA: Exceptions include tunnels where players have the ability to walk on side of the “Tunnel Base”.
  • 2.5 AH: No-Collided props in/as fading doors.
  • 2.5 AHA: All walls in a base must be collided so that players cannot walk through a no-collided wall.
  • 2.5 AI: The use of “head glitches” in your base.
  • 2.5 AJ: Fading a door (either by button, keypad, or etc.) to kill a player while they are raiding.
  • 2.5B: Only one territory/property/building is allowed per player.
  • 2.5C: Mega-Basing is permitted under Certain Circumstances, and is completely based upon the sole discretion of the staff team. The required amount of players to be able to make a Mega Base is 4 players (A full squad).
  • 2.5 CA: You can alternatively rent out certain buildings to other players, as-long as your starting population consists of at-least 4 players.
  • 2.5 CB: Mega-Bases may only consist of zoned areas.
  • 2.5 CBA: Examples include: The Suburbs Area, The Industrial Area, The Slums, The Island, etc.
  • 2.5 CBB: Exclusions include: The waterfront area (both sides), The Downtown Area, or any area where players need to pass through to access other areas of the map.
  • 2.5D: Keypads for fading doors must have a hold time of at-least 5 seconds.
  • 2.5E: Keypads may also have a delay of at-most 1 second.
  • 2.5F: You are permitted to only have a maximum of 4 fading doors at a time.
  • 2.5G: Prop limits to normal users are 50.
  • 2.5H: You may not use printers/BitMiners/Job Entities, etc. whenever you are “building” your base.
  • 2.5 HA: You can identify your base as “building” with a text screen whenever you are building defenses initially. You must take the building sign down as soon as you are done. You can not raid a “building base”.
  • 2.5 HB: Any revisions/edits to your base after the initial building phase does not permit you to put a building sign back up.
  • 2.5I: You may not use Nuclear Reactors as a way to kill players in your base.

  • 2.6. Raiding: Raiding is an essential part of DarkRP. It is your opportunity to steal off of others while also being able to have a base back home that makes profit, ensuring that you make tons of profit from both yourself, and off of others. It is also an essential part of the economy, helping to add risk and reward to the server.
  • 2.6A: You may only raid the base of a unique player once per fifteen minutes. If you have already raided that person before, you must wait an hour from the end of the raid before you may raid the same person/base again.
  • 2.6B: You may only raid if your job allows it. See your job’s description in the F4 menu to see if it permits raiding.
  • 2.6C: You MUST activate the raiding system (F8 Key) before/when raiding.
  • 2.6 CA: Base builders who are concerned about their base being raided should setup additional security measures.
  • 2.6D: There is no cooldown for countering a raid.
  • 2.7. Mugging: Mugging is one of the most despised ways to play on DarkRP, however, it’s still allowed for player enjoyment.
  • 2.7A: You do NOT need to advert when mugging.
  • 2.7B: You may only mug a person every 10 minutes, but must wait 45 minutes to mug the same person again.
  • 2.7C: You may only mug a person for a maximum of $10,000.
  • 2.7D: Mugging is only allowed for jobs in the Thief/Heist Jobs and Gangs/Organizations tabs.
  • 2.7E: You may only mug with the “Mugging Pistol” that is found in mugging jobs.
  • 2.7 EA: If your job does not contain a mugging pistol, but allows mugging in the job description, you are permitted to mug if you advert your mug with /advert.
  • 2.8. Kidnapping: Kidnapping is a fun way to make money off of other players, as-well as have a little fun in the meantime.
  • 2.8A: You must advert when kidnapping.
  • 2.8B: You may only kidnap a person every 20 minutes, but must wait two hours to kidnap the same person again.
  • 2.8C: You may only ransom a kidnapped person for a maximum of $15,000.
  • 2.8D: You may only hold a kidnapped person for up to 10 minutes
  • 2.8E: Kidnapping is only allowed for Aliens, as-well as jobs in the Thief/Heist Jobs and Gangs/Organizations tabs.
Government Rules and Regulations

  • 2.9. Government Rules: The Government is what keeps the server from crime and play a vital role in the Roleplay experience.
  • 2.9A: If you decide to RDA (Random Arrest) you’ll be demoted from the job and warned.
  • 2.9B: PD Raid may be conducted every 15 minutes.
  • 2.9C: If the Mayor makes any laws, you must obey them. No one player is above the law. if you are caught breaking your own laws, you’ll be swiftly demoted from the job.
  • 2.9D: Government Officials may put up to 3 fading doors in the PD to protect yourself from outsiders.
  • 2.9E: The Mayor may not kill or arrest anyone. That is for the police officers.
  • 2.9F:  S.W.A.T. is not permitted to arrest anyone. Instead, your job is to raid buildings that are known to have drugs or illegal activity in them.
  • 2.9G: Government Officials must have a valid reason to raid another player’s base.
  • 2.9 GA: Examples include: Physically seeing illegal items with your own eyes (whether it’s through a window or them carrying it from the street into their base), Hearing gunshots from outside the building, etc.
  • 2.9 GB: Exclusions include: Having a non-Government Official telling you that their is illegal activity going on inside the building, Raiding just because you feel like it, Raiding because the players are acting suspicious, etc.

  • 2.9H: The Mayor must make actual laws or you’ll be demoted off the job.
  • An example of actual, good laws that the mayor can enact are:
  • The production and/or posession of any drug is illegal.
  • Selling weapons on the street is illegal (you must sell weapons indoors and in your own shop).
  • Shooting weapons outside is illegal.
  • Smoking weed (joint or bong) outside is illegal.
  • Any weapons besides pistols and melee weapons are illegal.

  • An example of bad and unacceptable laws that the mayor cannot enact are:
  • Not using the pedestrian crosswalks is illegal.
  • Smoking a vape outside is illegal.
  • Having physguns/gravity guns out is illegal.
  • Standing still, jumping, and/or running is illegal.
  • RDM/Purging is legal.

  • 2.9I: No laws targeting specific groups of people, or greatly impeding on player’s gameplay.
  • 2.9 IA: Do not make laws that target specific jobs, such as dogs or players who have a certain skin tone.
  • 2.9J: No baton rushing (rushing after a player to arrest them while they are shooting at you).
  • 2.9 JA: If another player is shooting at you, pull out your gun and return fire; do not rush at them with your arrest baton.
  • 2.9K: Government Officials can be corrupt in the sense of having printers, BitCoin miners, drugs, etc.

If the Mayor is corrupt; players may either raid the Police Department and kill the Mayor or demote the Mayor with the /demote command.

All other Government Officials can be demoted with the /demote command.

Warning Players

  • 2.11: Warning: Warning a player is useful for whenever you’re trying to get them to go away, or warning them to get off of your property.
  • 2.11A: You do not need to advert Warn 1/2/3 whenever warning another player, however, you must type in local chat your warn.
  • 2.11B: You must type your warnings in chat within one second intervals, but no-less.
Job-Specific Rules

Bank Heister:

  • 3.1. You may only Raid the Bank.
  • 3.1A: Bank Heister cannot raid bases or the PD.
  • 3.1B: Bank Heister cannot mug.


  • 3.2. As a Hobo, you are homeless and may only base on the streets.

Gun Dealer:

  • 3.3. You are not allowed to self-supply; you may only self-supply if you’re the only gun dealer online.
  • 3.3A: As a Gun Dealer, you must sell to the public.
  • 3.3B: As a Gun Dealer, you cannot refuse to sell guns to anyone just because you don’t like them.
  • 3.4. You cannot Raid, Kidnap or Mug as a Gun Dealer.


  • 3.5. As a Mayor, you must make Valid Laws (Ex. “Raiding is illegal”, “Money printers are illegal”, “Murder is illegal.”, “Drugs are illegal. (The mayor may legalize drugs)”, “Threats are illegal.”,“Kidnapping, Theft, and Mugging is illegal.”, “Holding a gun out near the Mayor is KOS”, “Shooting in public is illegal.”, “Bitcoin miners are legal / illegal.” etc…)
  • 3.6. You cannot make absurd laws such as (“Jaywalking is AOS/KOS”, “Having Gravity Gun / Physgun / Toolgun / Camera / Default weapons is KOS/AOS”, etc…)
  • 3.6A: You cannot make classes KOS/AOS (ex. “Gun dealer is AOS/KOS”).
  • 3.6B: The Mayor cannot make laws that impact a player’s gameplay; such as movement and the use of in-game store cosmetics.
  • 3.7. The Mayor must broadcast / advert / announce the reason for the lockdown. (ex. PD Raid, Shooting near PD, etc…)
  • 3.8: The Mayor may not kill (Unless in Self-Defence) or arrest anyone.

PD Rules:

  • 3.9. PD Government Officials cannot go Corrupt or do Illegal activities.
  • 3.9A: PD Officials may store Personal Bitcoin miners / Printers (If the law states that Bitcoin miners / Printers are legal.) within the PD.
  • 3.10. Police / SWAT may break NLR ONLY during PD Raids.
  • 3.11. Police may set up a total of 2 Roadblocks / Checkpoints. They can only contain a total of 2 Fading doors per Roadblock / Checkpoints.
  • 3.11A: All Checkpoints / Roadblocks must follow basing rules as well.
  • 3.12. The PD lobby is considered public property; the front doors cannot be locked.
  • 3.12A: The PD lobby cannot have defenses. Any room past the lobby/lobby stairs may have defenses.
  • 3.13. Police cannot use the air vents as the only entrance to the PD.
  • 3.14. Officers must make an attempt to arrest wanted individuals.

Casino Rules

  • 3.15. The Casino Manager is the only person who is permitted to build in the casino.
  • 3.15A. Squad members in the same party as the Casino Manager may also build in the Casino.
  • 3.15B: All base-building rules apply.
  • 3.16. The Casino Owner / Manager can set an entry fee with a maximum of $15,000.
  • 3.16A: Entry is defined as every time a player enters the Casino.
  • 3.16B: You may not scam players. For example, you may not take a player's money and disallow entry.
  • 3.16C: RP does not apply within the Casino, unless a player runs into the casino to avoid arrest. This means that you may not raid, mug, take someone hostage, etc. while inside of the casino.
  • 3.16D: Printers and other money-making entities are not allowed by any player. These entities will be removed if found inside the Casino.
  • 3.17: The Casino Manager may place an office inside of the Casino.