Gaming Gods DarkRP - What's it about?

Sep 4, 2022

About Us:

Gaming Gods is a brand new, modern community focused primarily on gaming. Here, you can find others who are willing to communicate and socialize on controversial gaming, political, and other topics. In addition to this, we also offer an advanced gangs system, where users can start up their own, separate gangs forum and group within our own forum system to properly coordinate attacks against other gangs, and provide strategies on how to claim and capture territories within our servers the correct way. The Gaming Gods community officially entered into development on June 7th, 2017 with the purpose to provide its members the opportunity to partake in a community that has a less-restrictive rule-set, whilst also having a(n) dedicated team of staff to assist in any circumstance.

What’s there to do on the server?:

There is a wide variety of activities for our players to do. Players can engage in legal or illegal activities, own and start-up their very own drug empire, run a large and productive organization or gang, and much, much more. Ultimately, it’s up to our guests to decide how they wish to play out their story on our server.

How do players make in-game money?

Currently, there are a variety of ways to make in-game money.

For illegal ways, players can make money by:

  • Cooking and Selling Meth.
  • Cooking and Selling Opium.
  • Growing and Selling Weed.
  • Printing money from money printers.
  • Robbing the Downtown Bank.
  • Robbing the Police Department’s Armory.
  • Stealing shipments from the ship at the beach.
  • Earning money from your gang for capturing territories.
  • Selling illegal firearms.
  • Selling illegal raiding materials/tools.

For legal ways, players can make money by:

  • Farming.
  • Fishing.
  • Mining.
  • Begging/Asking for tips.
  • Selling legal firearms.
  • Bitmining.

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Our Community is backed on fundamental beliefs that create a sustainable and working environment for all to enjoy.