DarkRP...What Happened?

Sep 7, 2022

Ah, Garry’s Mod. A game built upon taking random props and smashing them together to make flying fortresses…or large wars with Combines pit against Humans. Throughout the years, I’ve seen Garry’s Mod grow from a small game with very little server variety to a massive, sprawling community with hundreds of different servers that vary differently from one another. It's a game that's aged particularly well, for the most part, thanks to an amazing community of developers that are still pumping out add-ons for both servers and players. One of the most famous gamemodes on Garry's Mod is DarkRP, but what about how much it's changed over the past ten years?

So what exactly changed DarkRP, you might ask? Well, let's start with the basics.

It’s by far the gamemode that has aged the best throughout the years. In the beginning, servers were lax on rules and most players just…roleplayed! It’s actually quite insane thinking about players roleplaying on DarkRP servers now-a-days, but when you look back, this was what the gamemode was built for, and it was actually an extremely fun experience to take part in. Now, in 2020, half the DarkRP player base is either interested in trolling, Mass RDM’ing, or trying to become cheap rip-offs of other Garry’s Mod trolling YouTubers. This unfortunately makes the DarkRP community stale and tasteless, leaving gamemodes like DarkRP to slowly wither out and die if not properly nurtured and staffed. When players focus too much on trying to ruin an experience for others, it ends up destroying a community for what it was originally built for.

Another struggle that the Garry's Mod community faces is an over-saturation of servers, especially with DarkRP. The problem with this is that a good majority of players all want to own their own DarkRP server, but the downside is that most of the DarkRP servers that you can find today are all either cheap copy-cats of popular servers, or just bland servers with millions of random add-ons from GmodStore popped into them without any customization to make them differ from one another. This eventually leads to a lack of playerbase on servers, because if they can just as easily find another server that is just as good as the one they just played on, what's to keep them from leaving your server and heading over to another server? It’s important to have a player-base that not only wants to stay on a DarkRP server, but also enjoy playing so that future players have less Mass RDM/Trolling incidents to worry about. One key factor to making a server stand-out is making everything unique. From add-ons to friendly staff members, if players see a community that is active and engaging, they’re much more likely to come back and leave the trolling at the door.

Another contributing factor to the downfall of Garry’s Mod is the large amount of cheats that are available to the public. With practically anyone being able to subscribe to cheats on the Steam Workshop, and Steam failing to do their part to keep these off the workshop, it's ultimately a contributing factor to the demise of Garry’s Mod.

For now, we can only hope that S&Box creates a better atmosphere for players to enjoy, but only time will tell. It’s ultimately up to server owners and Facepunch to create an environment that prevents these types of toxicity.

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