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Denied werewolf1172's DarkRP Staff Application

Not open for further replies.
User name: werewolf1172

Your In-Game Name: werewolf1172

Your Steam Name: werewolf1172

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155570428

Your Age: 14

Do you have a microphone and plan to use it? Yes, I have a microphone and plan to use it.

How long have you been playing on our DarkRP Server? 5h20m

Have you ever administrated on a DarkRP server before? Yes

Tell us more about your previous administrating experience: i was a staff member i tended to rdm on 1 server

Have you applied on any other gaming communities/servers within the past week? No

Do you have any experience using the ULX administration suite? Yes

How much experience do you have using ULX? What specific commands are you aware of? How much time have you had using ULX? i have work with it for 3 or 4 weeks i get the jist of things like freeze, ban, goto, bring, and etc

Tell us about yourself? my favorite hobbies are is baseball, wrestling and fishing.the reason i came to darkrp is because when i was 12 my brother showed me darkrp and ever since then i have been hooked.i like garry's mod because there's so many mods you can get from a community workshop and the possibilities for what is in that workshop is endless and there's so many different game modes and things you can play plus you meet so many new people (Also i had my tonsils removed so i might sound like im 10)

Why do you wish to become a Staff Member on the Gaming Gods DarkRP server? because i have seen multiple people on multiple server,s be racist sexist and so on i want to prevent it from happening on this server and maybe later hopefully get rid of the whole racist and sexist community out of gmod

Situation #1: You see a player going around to other players in the server, saying racial slurs and other excessive profanity. What do you do? Ask them to stop and if they dont warn them

Situation #2: A player is complaining about RDM in chat. Upon using our logs system, you notice that the player has been going around RDM'ing other players. What do you do? teleport them to you and ask why they are rdming and if they dont have a reason warn the or jail them etc

Situation #3: A player is using certain exploits to exit the map/admin room. What would you do? i have never had this happen i would freeze them and idk if that would work though

Situation #4: A player is threatening to DDoS the server. What would you do? i would immediately respond to his actions by banning them

Situation #5: Yourself and all other staff members on the server are occupied with administration sits. While you are in an admin sit with another player who was abusing their job, players are mass RDM'ing on the server. What would you do? i would tell the sit i have to deal with someone else real quick go and tp them to the admin zone and freeze them till i am done with the current sit

Situation #6: Another player from a large community comes onto the server, asking you, a staff member, to join their community as a staff member. They offer you some money to join their community as a reward for leaving ours. What would you do? i would say i will not accept your offer i have plenty of money of my own and i do not need your money and i like this server and the people who play it

Have you written a detailed description for each of the situations listed above? Yes

Have you fully read the listed rules and guidelines at the top of the application? Yes

Please confirm the following: I understand that falsifying my application can and will result in a permanent ban from all Gaming Gods services (Website/Steam Group/Discord/Server(s))., I have ALREADY posted three, non-spam/hello posts, in the forums. (Can either be a reply to a thread, or preferrably a new thread. Introductions preferred) Shoutbox comments do NOT count!, I understand that once I submit this application, I am no longer able to edit this application and that this application has been finalized and does not require any changes., I understand that once I submit this application, I am no longer eligible to submit any further applications until the first application that I have submitted has had a response to it.

Denied by: Ptilly


Your application has been denied. You agreed to have already posted three, non-spam/hello posts on the forums, yet this was clearly not done. Next time if you have trouble replying or creating a new thread, simply ask -- don't lie on an application.

You may re-apply in two weeks.
Not open for further replies.