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Denied Kertara's DarkRP Staff Application

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User name: Kertara

Your In-Game Name: Kertaro_Cera

Your Steam Name: Kertaro_Cera

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83967743

Your Age: 27

Do you have a microphone and plan to use it? Yes, I have a microphone and plan to use it.

How long have you been playing on our DarkRP Server? 5 Hours 50 Minutes

Have you ever administrated on a DarkRP server before? Yes

Tell us more about your previous administrating experience: Helped run a Police Rp server with a buddy of mine a few years back. mostly helped with the set up of new mods and making sure they worked correctly. if I was not doing that then I was monitoring the player base to make sure no rule breakers were left unattended. by that I mean making sure they got all the punishment they deserved. I have administered on 3 servers to date.

Have you applied on any other gaming communities/servers within the past week? No

Do you have any experience using the ULX administration suite? No

Tell us about yourself? I am a old soul in a fat body haha. though seriously i am a mostly laid back kinda person who watches their surroundings as carefully as possible. I do work during the day CST so on days I have to work I wont be on as much though a few hours every day. I am loyal to a fault and dont put up with anything that is outside the rules!

Why do you wish to become a Staff Member on the Gaming Gods DarkRP server? this is always the open ended question that seems the simplest yet is always the hardest to answer with a great response..... I want to become a staff member on gaming gods for a number of reasons... the most notably being that this community seems so far like a really fun one to be a part of and I want to help make sure it stays that way for as long as possible. reason 2 would be due to the fact it would give me something to work towards and be able to continue to learn and grow which I could then use to help others that maybe just starting or have that old person syndrome of forgetting stuff lol....

Situation #1: You see a player going around to other players in the server, saying racial slurs and other excessive profanity. What do you do? plain and simple I do not tolerate racial remarks and as far as my knowledge goes neither do the rules... so would make down what the player is saying either by a screen shot or a recording and ban them before reporting it to the correct place so all the mods can be on the same page.

Situation #2: A player is complaining about RDM in chat. Upon using our logs system, you notice that the player has been going around RDM'ing other players. What do you do? if no one has actually killed this player or broken NLR to get revenge on them... then I would treat it as a mass rdm and put a ban on the player that is crying wolf. if the other players have killed the crybaby in retaliation then I would have to go as far as I can to see who attacked who first and determine if it was self defence or not.. if it was self defence then no actions to be taken... if it was not self defence for some weird miracle then yes it would have to be treated as a RDM case and a verbal warning and or temp ban would be issued.

Situation #3: A player is using certain exploits to exit the map/admin room. What would you do? insta ban... no fucks given. no questions asked...

Situation #4: A player is threatening to DDoS the server. What would you do? first would fire up the recording software to make sure it was fully recorded... would call for back up of the founder or co founder and try to keep the person away from everyone else and attempt to talk them either out of it or atleast stall for time until back up arrives. if for some reason back up cannot arrive to be perfectly honest I have no earthly idea... as if they are threatening to DDoS the server.. just simply banning them will just add fuel to the fire and any action taken against them would also do the same thing... so would really be hoping someone could get on quickly enough to help,.......

Situation #5: Yourself and all other staff members on the server are occupied with administration sits. While you are in an admin sit with another player who was abusing their job, players are mass RDM'ing on the server. What would you do? 1, mass freeze everyone. 2, kick everyone and then go into like discord to continue the conversation with the admin who was abusing their job... 3, 1 day ban for everyone killing. 4, if it is possible... shut the server down for a minute if all else false.

Situation #6: Another player from a large community comes onto the server, asking you, a staff member, to join their community as a staff member. They offer you some money to join their community as a reward for leaving ours. What would you do? politely decline then immediately perma ban!

Have you written a detailed description for each of the situations listed above? Yes

Have you fully read the listed rules and guidelines at the top of the application? Yes

Please confirm the following: I understand that falsifying my application can and will result in a permanent ban from all Gaming Gods services (Website/Steam Group/Discord/Server(s))., I have ALREADY posted three, non-spam/hello posts, in the forums. (Can either be a reply to a thread, or preferrably a new thread. Introductions preferred) Shoutbox comments do NOT count!, I understand that once I submit this application, I am no longer able to edit this application and that this application has been finalized and does not require any changes., I understand that once I submit this application, I am no longer eligible to submit any further applications until the first application that I have submitted has had a response to it.

Denied by: Ptilly


Support Team
+- Neutral for me since I seriously couldn't stand to read this because of how you type. Good luck to anyone who reads it.


yeah never took that class that taught you how to correctly do paragraphs or write stories, so yes it is very bad. thank you for the compliment Lilith! :)


DarkRP Moderator
-1 You don't have 3 non spam posts, only comments. You have alot of unnecessary text, as in recording stuff. Situation 6 has little detail even though you agreed to detailing your app. Situation 5, if they're mass rdming you ban them for a week, not a day. You also don't shut the server down, as you have no access to that.


question 6... would you like me to go into how they came to find the server, why they chose me to come to and a step by step guide on what went down before banning and after banning them? situation 5 yes i realize i probably wouldnt have the option to shut down the server that is why it is listed last and I did say if it was possible... as far as freezing everyone goes.. it would give time to issue the bans without the ones who might not be killing others being majorly affected by the mass rdm i was not sure if yall had a scale for first time offenders or anything like that so I assumed a day thank you for correcting me on that Shos.... that was my train of thought on that....
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DarkRP Moderator
- how have you been staff on a server but don't have any experience with ULX

-If someone is threatening to DDoS the server your 1st action would ban them from the server

-in situation 5 where does it say anything about an admin abusing there job, you are not allowed to shut down the server and don't mass freeze everyone on the server

-you need more information for situations 3 and 6


because when I was staff on another server it was 2 to 3 years ago and quite honestly I do not remember how to do ULX.. so instead of saying yes I have all this experience and know how to work it.. would it not be better to say no experience and relearn it all as I go? as far as question 5 goes I misread it last night. my bad... I believe i seen admin and abusing job... and my mind went to that... I do apologize for that..


I'm not really fond of how you'd handle alot of these situations. Players that threaten to DDoS need to be booted immediately, and I don't believe you understood quite exactly what situation five entailed.

I'm going to have to deny this application for now, but I hope to see you re-apply in two weeks from today.
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