Denied halokiller892's DarkRP Staff Application

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Aug 10, 2019
User name: halokiller892

Your In-Game Name: Cm_rvidxr

Your Steam Name: Cm_rvidxr

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:509093685

Your Age: 14

Staff Referral/Endorsement:

Do you have a microphone and plan to use it? Yes, I have a microphone and plan to use it.

How long have you been playing on our DarkRP Server? 5 hours and 15 mins hope to make it longer

Have you ever administrated on a DarkRP server before? No

Have you applied on any other gaming communities/servers within the past week? No

Why do you wish to become a Staff Member on the Gaming Gods DarkRP server? I wish to become a staff member to help people and also because of people rdm`ing people and RDA`ING people because people will get mad and i wish to help those people i also just wanna help out this amazing server and try to make it better than it already is!

Situation #1: You see a player going around to other players in the server, saying racial slurs and other excessive profanity. What do you do? At first, I would either to give them a verbal warning, thus being continued I would give that player a warning or a ban based off of how many times they have had repeated doing so.

Situation #2: A player is complaining about RDM in chat. Upon using our logs system, you notice that the player has been going around RDM'ing other players. What do you do? the first i would do is warn them for RDM and if they killed more than 3 people i would kick them or temp ban them.

Situation #3: A player is using certain exploits to exit the map/admin room. What would you do? If the exploits are hacks i would instant banned them if it was glitches i would warn them if they do it again i would temp ban them.

Situation #4: A player is threatening to DDoS the server. What would you do? I would instantly perm ban him and contact the owner Ptilly because DDoS is never a joke and a serious thing.

Situation #5: Yourself and all other staff members on the server are occupied with administration sits. While you are in an admin sit with another player who was abusing their job, players are mass RDM'ing on the server. What would you do? I would check the logs to see whos killing who and freeze the person and bring to me and kick/ban them then go back to the admin sit i was doing.

Have you written a detailed description for each of the situations listed above? Yes

Have you fully read the listed rules and guidelines at the top of the application? Yes

Please confirm the following: I understand that falsifying my application can and will result in a permanent ban from all Gaming Gods services (Website/Steam Group/Discord/Server(s))., I have posted one, non-spam post, in the forums. (Can either be a reply to a thread, or preferrably a new thread. Introductions preferred).

Denied by: Ptilly
Not open for further replies.