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Denied Furry Hunter's DarkRP Staff Application

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Furry Hunter

DarkRP Moderator
User name: Furry Hunter

Your In-Game Name: Furry Hunter

Your Steam Name: Furry Hunter

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:121438650

Your Age: 14

Do you have a microphone and plan to use it? Yes, I have a microphone and plan to use it.

How long have you been playing on our DarkRP Server? 10 hours and 5 minutes

Have you ever administrated on a DarkRP server before? Yes

Tell us more about your previous administrating experience: Moderator, just performed the duties of the average any other moderator. I'd say about 3-5 servers, not sure though.

Have you applied on any other gaming communities/servers within the past week? No

Do you have any experience using the ULX administration suite? No

Tell us about yourself? My favorite hobbies are videogames (of course), discussions and debates, listening to metal, etc. I originally came to Dark RP to troll and minge which was exactly what I did at first before actually starting to enjoy it. I like Garry's Mod so much because some of the best and the worst shit comes out of this game. Some of the most entertaining and funny shit I've seen in my life has come from this game right here.

Why do you wish to become a Staff Member on the Gaming Gods DarkRP server? I got banned from my other favorite server so I'm migrating over to this one because I like the scripts and the map, etc. I figured it would be best to apply for Staff right now before the server gets too populated and the staff applications become closed.

Situation #1: You see a player going around to other players in the server, saying racial slurs and other excessive profanity. What do you do? I would ask them to stop (if others or I am bothered by it) and if they don't then I warn them then punish them further if they continue.

Situation #2: A player is complaining about RDM in chat. Upon using our logs system, you notice that the player has been going around RDM'ing other players. What do you do? I find out the real culprit and punish the lying little shit by banning him for a few hours.

Situation #3: A player is using certain exploits to exit the map/admin room. What would you do? I would permanently ban them, exploits are not to be tolerated.

Situation #4: A player is threatening to DDoS the server. What would you do? Message the boss about this threat and prepare for the worst.

Situation #5: Yourself and all other staff members on the server are occupied with administration sits. While you are in an admin sit with another player who was abusing their job, players are mass RDM'ing on the server. What would you do? I finish my current sit before quickly rushing into the mass RDMing players and like God Himself rain Holy thunder and smite these sinners. (A.K.A jails them and figures out what the fuck is going on.)

Situation #6: Another player from a large community comes onto the server, asking you, a staff member, to join their community as a staff member. They offer you some money to join their community as a reward for leaving ours. What would you do? I'd tell him to go fuck himself, rejecting their offer completely. I'd imagine their server must be pretty shit to have to go to other servers and beg for decent people to moderate on it.

Have you written a detailed description for each of the situations listed above? Yes

Have you fully read the listed rules and guidelines at the top of the application? Yes

Please confirm the following: I understand that falsifying my application can and will result in a permanent ban from all Gaming Gods services (Website/Steam Group/Discord/Server(s))., I have ALREADY posted three, non-spam/hello posts, in the forums. (Can either be a reply to a thread, or preferrably a new thread. Introductions preferred) Shoutbox comments do NOT count!, I understand that once I submit this application, I am no longer able to edit this application and that this application has been finalized and does not require any changes., I understand that once I submit this application, I am no longer eligible to submit any further applications until the first application that I have submitted has had a response to it.

Denied by: Ptilly


I honestly am willing to give you a second chance regarding what happened with your ban, as everyone deserves a second chance, however, your application was truly lackluster. Not only that, but it seems like the only reason that you're applying was because you were banned from Digital Delta Gaming (or at-least that's what your answer to the question was...).

I'm going to have to deny your application.
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