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DarkRP Server Update #006 - [8/4/2019]



In this update, we've fixed a couple of pesky bugs and added a couple of new features to the server. Check them out when you get a chance!


  • Prevented players from being able to place hits on Staff on Duty jobs.
  • Buffed BitMiners.
  • Changed !build to display "Press F6 to close".
  • Solar Panel cabels now match Solar Panel entities.
  • Increased the payout for join rewards.
  • Fixed Anti-Cheat from kicking players for high ping.
  • Buffed all drug jobs.
  • Premium users should now able to use the Premium abilities on the Moonshine Distillers.
  • Buffed Bank Heist payouts.
  • Decreased the amount of time a plant dries out for the Farmer job.
  • Added a higher quantity of ammo that is received when buying from the ammo menu.
  • Limited the amount of gas canisters Cocaine cooks can purchase.
  • Disabled gas canister damage.
  • Lowered the tickrate.
  • Updated gangs system.
  • Disabled an extremely resource-intensive add-on that will now see an increased performance across the board.
  • Prevented the pocketing of BitMiners, Fish, and Mining Rocks.
  • Changed squad notifications to make more sense.
  • Added in a new announcement system.
  • Added in a new HUD.
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