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Fixed DarkRP Server. - Fuel Refining Bug

Are you able to reproduce this bug/error?

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Furry Hunter

DarkRP Moderator
User name: Furry Hunter

Title: Fuel Refining Bug

Category: DarkRP Server.

What version/update is the server running? You can see the most recent update(s) by clicking here. #008

What is your bug report in reference to? Other...

What is your bug report related to? Refining oil into fuel

Operating System: Windows 10

Steps to Reproduce: 1.) Drill for oil
2.) Pump out the oil into a barrel
3.) Refine the oil into either premium ultra diesel or premium ultra petrol

Expected Result: It should have refined as normal like all the other fuel types

Actual Result: It tells you that you are the wrong user group even if you have premium membership

Workaround: Just refining other types of fuel

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