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From DarkRP to Rust, we're sure you're going to ❤️ it here.

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Rust Server Update - 1.1B

Rust Server Update - 1.1B

This will be the very first update to the Rust server. We hope to add some new additions to the server during this time, as-well as iron out the first few bugs that we encounter. We hope to see new activity across the board on both on forums and Discord server, and we hope to welcome everyone with open arms.

Please note that once the server is still in it's BETA stage, and changes are expected.
Changes are rolled out immediately once a task has been completed. An update is marked as complete once the percentage of the update reaches 100%.

Please provide all feedback to us if possible by visiting the links below.

Want to view or create a suggestion for the Rust server?
Click Here.

Want to view or create a bug report for the Rust server?
Click Here

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