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Gaming Gods

From DarkRP to Rust, we're sure you're going to ❤️ it here.

  • New content has been added to the DarkRP Server! Find out more at the Update Council here.
  • RUST has finally arrived to Gaming Gods. Join us today by visiting http://rust.gaminggods.org/.

    Please note that this server is currently in OPEN BETA, which means that alot of changes and bugs are to be expected. Should you come across any bugs, please report them to the Issue Council at http://bugs.gaminggods.org/.

    Thank You for all of you who have stuck with the Gaming Gods community through these past few weeks, we know it's been a long and tedious process, but our server has finally arrived. Throughout this process, we will ensure that we provide our entire community with full transparency to any modifications or additions that we make to the server.

    For now, visit the server by visiting http://rust.gaminggods.org/.

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